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Bob Murphy and Gary Cohen: Mets Announcer Tournament Co-Champions

Championship results: Bob Murphy (50%) tied Gary Cohen (50%). More people voted in the championship than any other round, and I think it's only fitting that it ended this way. Murphy and Cohen are co-champions of the Amazin' Avenue Mets Announcer Tournament. I assure everyone that the results are legitimate. As a tribute to each of these fine announcers, here are some of their memorable calls:


"The crowd is chanting, 'We're number one!' The Mets made up 15 1/2 games since the 13th of August. Lou Brock is on second, and Vic Davalillo, the runner on first, with one man out ... ninth inning, 6-0, New York. Gentry pitching, working hard here against Joe Torre. Now in the set position, here's the pitch ... ground ball hit to shortstop ... Harrelson to Weis, there's one, first base ... Double play ... The Mets win! It's all over! Ohhhh, the roar going up from this crowd! An unbelievable scene on the field ... fans are pouring out on the field." - September 24, 1969, Mets 6 - Cardinals 0

"Lenny Dykstra, the man they call Nails on the Mets ballclub is waiting ... Now the pitch, and it's a high fly ball hit to right field ... It's fairly deep ... It's way back, by the wall ... A home run! A home run! The Mets win the ballgame ... Dykstra wins it ... Len Dykstra hit a home run ... This ballgame is over ... Lenny Dykstra is being mobbed by his teammates!" - October 11, 1986, NLCS Game 3, Mets 6 - Astros 5

"Mookie Wilson still hopes to win it for New York ... 3-2 the count ... And the pitch by Stanley ... And a ground ball trickling ... It's a fair ball. It gets by Buckner! Rounding third is Knight ... The Mets will win the ballgame ... They win! They win!" - October 25, 1986, World Series Game 6, Mets 6 - Red Sox 5

"Now the pitch on the way ... He struck him out! ... Struck him out! The Mets have won the World Series! The dream has come true. The Mets have won the World Series, coming from behind to win the seventh game." - October 27, 1986, World Series Game 7, Mets 8 - Red Sox 5

"A line drive caught. The game is over. The Mets win it. A line drive to Mario Diaz. And the Mets win the ballgame! They win the damn thing by a score of 10 to 9!" - July 25, 1990, Mets 10 - Phillies 9

"Here's the pitch on the way to Bonds ... Fly ball to center ... Can he run it down? ... On the run, Payton ... Makes the catch ... It's all over ... The Mets win it!!! Jay Payton makes the catch ... A one-hit shutout by Bobby Jones ... And they're all racing to the mound and mobbing Bobby Jones ... What a magnificent game ... The Mets have never had a better game pitched in their 39-year history than this game pitched by Bobby Jones." - October 8, 2000, NLDS Game 4, Mets 4 - Giants 0


"Swing and a drive, deep down the left field line towards the corner it's outta here! Outta here! Mike Piazza with a line-drive 3-run homer!" - June 30, 2000, Mets 11 - Braves 8

"High fly ball, deep left field, back goes Bonds, looking up at the wall, that ball is, outta here! Outta here!  The Mets win the ball game!" - October 7, 2000, NLDS Game 3, Mets 3 - Giants 2

"Perez deals, fastball hit in the air to left field that's deep, back goes Chavez, back near the wall, leaping and... he made the catch! He took a home run away from Rolen!  Trying to get back to first Edmonds, he's doubled off!  And the inning is over!  Endy Chavez saved the day!" - October 19, 2006, NLCS Game 7, Cardinals 3 - Mets 1