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A Brief Look At Citi Field

I attended the first game in Citi Field history, and was happy to see my Georgetown Hoyas pull one out vs. the St. John's Red Storm. Unlike many in attendance, I watched most of the game. However, I was sure to take a few laps around the stadium to check it out. It's impressive, to be sure, if pretty similar to Nationals Park, PNC Park, Camden Yards, etc. Detailed descriptions of Citi Field can be found here and here, so I'll spare everyone an extended narrative. Instead, here are some random observations/thoughts about the new stomping ground:

  • Parking will cost $18 this year.
  • There are ~12,000 less seats than at Shea Stadium, but the facility feels bigger.
  • Avoid sitting in the left field Promenade seats (A.K.A. the upper deck), as the view of left field, center field, and the home run apple is obstructed enough that it detracts from the game watching experience. The view from these seats:


  • Others have noticed obstructed view seating. The sightline in the right field "Pepsi Porch" is excellent, and for those looking to sit in the cheap seats I'd recommend the Promenade section, as close to behind home plate as possible.
  • There is no shortage of bathrooms, food toppings stations, and gift shops. The toppings stations feature red onions, jalapenos, and lettuce in addition to the standard ketchup and mustard:


  • The $3.00 hot chocolate is neither hot nor chocolate.
  • I would love to see the protocol for the Hershey's Dunk Tank, which is beyond the wall in center field. I wouldn't mind volunteering for duty during a 90+ degree weekend game.
  • What was St. John's head coach Ed Blankmeyer thinking when he brought in relief pitcher Nick Cantiempo?! Doesn't he know that Cantiempo's xFIP vs. right-handed batters is just awful, and his tRA* -- just kidding. The game was actually entertaining, as the Hoyas came from behind to win 6-4 after scoring 4 runs in the 7th. Hoya Sean Lamont hit the first home run.
  • Citi Field is certainly easier on the eyes than Shea Stadium. It's easy to navigate around the place, and the view from most seats is awesome. Give it a few years and some memorable moments and I'm sure Met fans will embrace it as their own.