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Tuesday Post-Honeymoon Applesauce

Hey all. I'm back. After a car-towing, a broken cell phone, a Social Security Administration line, Bed, Bath & Beyond, a lost piece of luggage, a new bank account, a trip to the courthouse, and a trip to the grocery store, I was able to return to semi-normal newlywed life. A huge thank you to JamesK for his superb work in my absence. I hope to live up to the standard that he set the past week. Anyway, to the news!

Around Port St. Lucie

Oliver Perez showed some signs of life in yesterday's 2-1 win over the Orioles. Perez pitched 6 and 2/3rds innings, allowing 4 hits and only 1 walk; the effort brought a smile to Jerry Manuel's face. Daniel Murphy continued his strong spring with a home run. Murphy is hitting .364 this spring. John Maine pitches in his final spring outing tonight at 7:10 against the Marlins. There is no TV coverage for the game, but there is radio on WFAN.

Yesterday's Met-Oriole game was apparently not interesting enough to keep the Oriole radio team in the booth through an hour long rain delay.

The unwhelming (it wasn't even underwhelming) fifth-starter competition has a winner: Livan Hernandez

Daniel Murphy will most likely be the full-time left fielder and bat second, upsetting Luis Castillo, who will bat 8th.

The Mets signed left handed Japanese reliever Ken Takahashi.

This is the most important story of the day: Here are some photos of the new home-run apple, which was not used in this past weekend's exhibition college game, even though a homer was hit.

In this hard economy, you might want to take a look at being the mascot for the Brooklyn Cyclones.

Way to be Sam! New York Times is a-calling.

Around the NL East

The Phillies and Marlins have completed a trade, sending Ronny Paulino to Florida.

Buster Olney thinks that the Marlins have the best starting rotation in the division, even though their lineup is shaky.

The Phillies have released Marcus Giles.

Former Brave Mark Lemke is high on the team's infield.

Philles Nation wants Chan Ho Park to be the team's fifth starter over JA Happ. Man, Park vs. Livan. That is ugly.

The Braves' center field situation became a lot clearer, as they trade Josh Anderson to the Tigers for starting pitcher Rudy Darrow. The move makes room for Jordan Schafer to be the starter.

Around the MLB

Kris Benson has a chance to make the Texas starting rotation.

Atlantic City baseball is no more.

Morgan Ensberg's fall from prominence is nearly complete, as he was cut from the Rays.

Jacque Jones was cut by the Reds.


Phew. OK, back in the swing of things. Enjoy the rest of the day!