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2008 Mets Rotation And K/100 Pitches

Strikeouts per 100 pitches (K/100) apparently has a stronger correlation to runs allowed than strikeouts per 9 innings (K/9). Here are the members of the 2008 Mets rotation and their K/100:


Johan Santana Oliver Perez John Maine Pedro Martinez Mike Pelfrey
K/100 5.73 5.35 4.80 4.61 3.31
K/9 7.91 8.35 7.84 7.18 4.93

This stat combines two important abilities for a pitcher: strikeouts and limiting pitch counts. Also, most pitchers last about 100 pitches per start, so it's basically K's per start. Oliver Perez had a better K/9 than Johan Santana, but a worse K/100 because he averaged 3.97 pitches per plate appearance (P/PA). Compare to Santana's 3.73 P/PA. Of 142 pitchers who tossed at least 100 innings last season, Santana placed 18th, Perez 30th, John Maine 54th, Pedro Martinez 64th, and Mike Pelfrey 122nd in K/100.