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Thursday Applesauce

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I've got nothing really interesting to say in this section today, so I will get right to news, since I am the news guru.

Around Port St. Lucie

Livan Hernandez took a step back yesterday in his bid for the fifth starter spot, Mike Pelfrey was shaky, and the offense was limited to five hits in yesterday's exhibition action. The team's WBC players fared significantly better, including Jose Reyes who continues to impress A-Rod.

If the Mets are playing without any of their stars, a radio or television broadcast, or a Major League Baseball opponent, does anyone care? Find out today as the Mets play Mike Piazza's Italian team at 2:05.

Someone had better get this opening day story straight. I just want Santana to pitch 30-something games this year and rushing to pitch opening day had better not mess that up.

I knew I was going to hate this New York Times article as soon as I read the lede. Don't get me wrong, I'm excited about Citi Field, it's just that I'm nervous that it's exactly what the Times article says it is: "The Anti-Shea." The Mets need to embrace more of their past than just Seaver, Hodges, and Stengel party suites. This whole article just rubbed me the wrong way, much like the Citi Field project.

Oh, and in case you can't wait to see what it looks like, here is a Citi Field photo album.

When you're down, and troubled, and you need a helping hand, just try and remember that the Mets bullpen should be a whole lot better this year.

Speaking of embracing the Mets' past, here's a great reminder about Jon Matlack, the type of player they should be celebrating.

Jose Reyes' abililty to get hits would serve the team better in the #3 spot.

Around the NL East

Tom Glavine is taking the exact opposite approach as Pedro Martinez to winning a spot in a rotation.

The new Marlins' stadium plans will have to be put on hold at least until March 19th. The City of Miami is also hoping that the WBC provides some economic stimulus in the form of $30 million.

Mike Rizzo is the Nationals' interim baseball operations guy.

"The Mets are a good organization with really talented players and finally, a new stadium." Awww, thanks Cole.

Around MLB

In response to our little talk radio discussion yesterday, here's an article about how to fix sports radio. 

I'm excited to see more of Yu Darvish in the WBC. That is probably my favorite part of this tournament: seeing hyped up foreign players play against major league competition.

Here's an addendum to yesterday's "Batman" suicide article. It wasn't really suicide, but rather stupidity. Still sad.

MANNY ALERT!!!!!! I'm not even going to bother linking to a story about the Manny signing. In case you haven't heard, 2 years, $45 million was the price tag. Instead, here's an article about the new logjam in the Dodger outfield.

This is at least one reason to pay attention to the Pirates this year. They have signed two winners of an Indian reality show to minor league contracts. It will be a credit to these guys' talent and hard work and their coaching staff should they ever make it to the bigs.

Philadelphia News

A Pennsylvania state senator from Philadelphia is in court for defrauding the senate.

And Finally...

I kind of wish that Jose Reyes does this and give the Phillies a real reason to hate him.