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Small Sample Size Alert - The Mets Pitching Staff

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Each member of the Mets pitching staff has made an appearance this season.  Here is how they've fared according to the defense independent pitching statistic tRA (what's tRA?):

 The rotation

Pitcher Batters Faced tRA
Johan Santana 50 0.95
Livan Hernandez 27 5.36
Mike Pelfrey 23 6.15
Oliver Perez 23 6.67
John Maine 18 9.65

 The bullpen

Pitcher Batters Faced tRA
Bobby Parnell 16 3.57
Darren O'Day 14 5.25
Sean Green 13 4.14
J.J. Putz 12 2.82
Francisco Rodriguez 12 1.86
Pedro Feliciano 11 2.42
Brian Stokes 9 1.81

What does this tell us?  Basically nothing, as only six games have been played.  It's just a chance to discover or reacquaint ourselves with tRA as the season begins.  Stats via Statcorner.