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Return Home Applesauce

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Hey all. Sorry for the day's delay in getting you my pictures and a little bit of applesauce. The photos are by no means professional, they are merely me roaming with a camera. Enjoy. The stadium is pretty great and I only have a few minor complaints mostly dealing with the section where I was sitting (I couldn't see the scoreboards and the plasma tvs they had to replace it simply showed a photo of the batter). So, despite the same old Mets, the stadium is quite new and it should be an awesome home for years to come.

Quick Met News

The Met pitching depth will be tested right away as Mike Pelfrey has been pitching the first two starts with tendonitis

Billy Wagner threw 23 pitches in Port St. Lucie yesterday. Met pitching coordinator Guy Conti said "I think he was excited to be out there and put the uniform on again. He seemed happy. He's a real tough, competitive guy, and we want to see where he's at. I was shocked at how he looked, physically. He came out in shorts Tuesday, and he was just cut. His legs look strong and his core looks strong. He just looks strong."

Ron Darling appeared on the Daily Show to promote his new book.

Mike Steffanos writes about the Mets inability to play well at home.

Around MLB

Cardinals righty Chris Carpenter left in the fourth with a strained rib cage.

Tom Glavine is contemplating retirement should his sore left shoulder not improve.

Ken Griffey Jr. and the Mariners returned to Seattle for their home opener standing ovation


I'll be back in the groove of things tomorrow with more links. Enjoy the pictures and tonight's game.