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Thursday Applesauce

Apparently people are reading Applesauce, particularly incredibly creative people who are able to make my avatar, Lego David Wright. Well, let me give prime real estate to Lego David Wright's first trip to Citi Field. Welcome to the future David.

Meet the Mets

As I'm sure most of you know, "Good Ollie" showed up in last night's 7-2 victory over the San Diego Padres. The Mets send John Maine against Jake Peavy tonight, and will be lucky to win 2 of the 3 games in this series against the should-be bottom feeder Padres.

Mike Pelfrey went for an MRI, which is how they found the tendinitis. Mets officials are discussing skipping his turn in the rotation, but Pelfrey is not planning on it.

Jon Heyman reports that Met decision makers are worried about their slow start. Calm down guys. Let's not do anything rash at this point.

Ambiorix Burgos has been sentenced to nine months in prison for his attack on his girlfriend. On a side note, it's not often that you see the word "pummeling" in an AP story.

Jason at Faith and Fear in Flushing writes about the plain weirdness that has characterized the first two games at Citi Field. What, you're not used to seeing a wild pitch score two runners, including the runner on first?

The Brooklyn Cyclones will be hosting Darryl Strawberry night on August 3rd. 

Michael Ganci is concerned about David Wright's high strikeout numbers in the early season. Remember when Wright was a right-handed Daniel Murphy?

Jackie Robinson News

Greg at Faith and Fear is really pleased with Citi Field's tribute to history.

Meanwhile, the number of black players in baseball is on the rise, up to 10.2% from 8.2% last year. This is the highest percentage since 1995, even though Orlando Hudson is not seeing the increase.

Soapbox time: Enough whining about the Jackie Robinson Rotunda. Yes, Jackie Robinson never played baseball in a New York Met uniform, but the New York Mets are very much more than just the last 48 years. Much to the surprise of the more ignorant Met fans, New York has a National League history prior to 1962.  The Mets have inherited this when it was abandoned by the Los Angeles Dodgers and San Francisco Giants. It was New York City that broke the color barrier and cheered for Jackie Robinson, just as much as it was the Brooklyn Dodgers who paid his salary. A tribute to Jackie Robinson belongs in the city that broke the color barrier as well.

NL East News

The Phillies are planning a tribute on Saturday for former broadcaster Harry Kalas, who passed away prior to Monday's game in Washington. Former Met broadcaster Tom McCarthy, who replaced legendary Bob Murphy, is now faced with shouldering the whole load in Philadelphia.

The Nationals are still winless, after last night's rain out against Philly.

The Braves bullpen continues to struggle, while the Marlins are red-hot. The Braves issued yet another bases loaded walk to lose the game, this time 10-4.

Phillies Nation implores their team to start running

I missed this story yesterday, but the Nationals have sent Lastings Milledge down to AAA, making Elijah Dukes their everyday center fielder. Where are all the Omar bashers now after we see how that trade has worked out?

Here are the latest stadium renderings for the Marlins' new Little Havana stadium. I kinda like the new modern path they're taking rather than the throwback look.

Around MLB

Texas second baseman Ian Kinsler hit for the cycle, the second player in a week to do so. Kinsler also tied the American League record, getting 6 hits in a game. The Rangers beat the Orioles 19-6.

Former Met Mike "Midnight" Cameron hit two home runs against the Reds. 

Cardinal pitcher Chris Carpenter was put on the 15-day DL for his strained ribcage. He is joined there by Red Sox pitcher Dice-K Matsusaka who is suffering from a mild shoulder strain. Yankee outfielder Xavier Nady is also in danger of missing significant time after bad news from an MRI on his elbow.

In news that I can't believe, the Yankees ejected a fan for going to the bathroom during God Bless America. Of course there are always many versions of the same story.

Heath Bell has a pet rat???? 


Hopefully there are no further interruptions with your Applesauce service. Enjoy tonight's game. Maybe they can pull this one out...