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Friday Applesauce

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4-5? I'm going to agree with Eric on this one, this team could very well be 0-9. I can't point to one time this season where I have felt confident in this team's non-K-Rod pitchers being able to maintain a lead or tie. Anyway, we can at least take comfort in seeing Jake Peavy's "most gratifying win ever," a 6-5 win in which he looked shaky.

Meeting the Mets

More bad news on the short term pitching front: Mike Pelfrey will miss his next start. This, however, is probably good news in the long term, giving Pelfrey time to rest his arm and hopefully regaining some of last year's form. Great job by svmehta in explaining what Pelfrey is going through. Journeyman Nelson Figueroa will likely make the start in Pelfrey's absence.

Jerry Manuel has reassured hitting savant Daniel Murphy that he is still the team's left fielder.

The Brewers are coming to town for a weekend series at Citi Field. Here's a look at the pitching the Mets will face. And, oh yeah, Willie's coming.

The New York Post's Jay Greenberg is justifiably concerned about the Mets' horrific outfield play of late.

I'm almost tempted to get this shirt to put next to my Save the Apple shirt.

Mike Steffanos has a relatively sobering look at what's going on down on the farm.

More on the obstructed views at Citi.

Around the NL East

The Nationals got their first win of the season, beating the Phillies 8-2. Elijah Dukes and Adam Dunn went yard, with the Phillie bullpen giving up 5 of the 8 runs.

The Marlins beat the Braves 6-2, matching their best ever start at 8-1. To add injury to insult, Brave shortstop Yunel Escobar was injured while jumping in the on-deck circle. 

Here's a look at Philly prospect Antonio Bastardo, highlighted only because of his name.

Who will replace Harry Kalas? And a blind Philly fan appreciated Kalas' work.

Met fans aren't the only ones upset at Flo Rida.

Around MLB

Yesterday was the Yankees' shot at jinxing opening their new stadium, and their bullpen imploded under the pressure, allowing a 9-run 7th inning in the Yank 10-2 loss. Several bad things to report from the new stadium, aside from George's thumbs up review. YES did not broadcast Yogi's first pitch. Here are several bad reviews from Yankee fans calling it Shea (the horror!).  

Pedro's patience might end up paying off in the $5 million contract that he always wanted. 

Endy is making his mark in Seattle. As is Mike Carp, although that is in Tacoma. Aaron Heilman has an ERA under 2.

The Reds completed the Jeff Keppinger trade, receiving Class AA Corpus Christi's Most Valuable Player Drew Sutton.

Ichiro now has more hits than any Japanese player in baseball history.

Royal third baseman of now and the future Alex Gordon may require hip surgery.


Hope you all enjoy Willie's return to New York. Don't boo him too much.