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Hey Buddy, That Ball Was In Play

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In the 4th inning of last night's game, the Mets trailed 5-3 with 2 outs, Jose Reyes on first base, and Daniel Murphy at the plate.  Murphy hit a sure extra base hit inside the bag down the third base line, and it looked like the speedy Reyes had a shot to score all the way from first.  That was until a douchelord fan decided that snagging a souvenir baseball was more important than the Mets scoring a run.  The hit was appropriately deemed a ground-rule double, and Reyes was held up at third.  David Wright then struck out to end the inning.  What became of the fan?  Here are screengrabs (via Gaslamp Ball) of the interference and, as expected, the fan being escorted from his seats by security:


The ejected fan wasn't the first to actually touch the ball, but he ultimately had possession of it and therefore was escorted out.  He gets some credit for sporting a Carlos Beltran jersey, but not enough to forgive his actions.  Note to fans: it's fine to battle for foul balls, but please do not interfere with balls still in play.  Especially when the Mets are batting and hits with runners on base are scarce.