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Thursday Applesauce

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A new voice for Yankee Stadium? A few minor moves inside the division? Is there a player that gets cut in the MLB that Met fans don't want to take a flyer on? The answers and more in this morning's Applesauce breakfast.

Around Port St. Lucie

The Mets play their last game in Florida this afternoon at 1:00, following their 5-2 victory over the Cardinals yesterday. Johan Santana made the start, allowing 2 home runs in 3 innings. The Mets got 3 home runs themselves, all from the catching position (2 from Omir Santos and 1 from Rene Rivera). Alex Cora added 2 hits of his own and the bullpen pitched 6 scoreless innings.

David Wright apparently has a shot at the record for most consecutive 40 double seasons. I wonder if this will get as much hype as Mike Piazza's catching home run record. Anyway, it seems like he will have a good shot in the enormous Citi Field.

Hot Foot does a quick review of SI's last 6 picks to win the World Series. Ugh.

Are there obstructed seats at Citi? Well, not if you're 4 feet tall. Anyway, the Times did a great piece on some of the possible pitfalls of the new stadium. Here's a quick example of some of the less optimal seats at the new stadium.

Mets Geek does an brief analysis of the Mets rotation, concluding that Livan is definitely not worth it.

Brooklyn Met Fan is not a fan of the first pitch encore at Citi Field.

Around the NL East

The Marlins were busy yesterday, making two trades. They have traded Robert Andino to the Orioles for reliever Hayden Penn. They also acquired Ross Gload from Kansas City for a player to be named later.

The Phillies are trying out their own Ayala, trading for minor league reliever Manny Ayala from the Padres

Lastings Milledge is hitting .117 since being named the leadoff hitter by Manny Acta. Milledge as a leadoff hitter???? That sounds dreadful.

The Philadelphia World Series trophy has traveled 20,000 miles during the offseason. Just to make you feel a little sick this morning.

Former Met Anderson Hernandez will start the season on the DL for the Nats with an injured hamstring.

Around MLB

The Rangers have kept on Andruw Jones for their fifth outfield spot, while cutting Frank Catalanotto. Of course, this has created a minor internet buzz for the Mets to get Catalanotto to replace Marlon Anderson. Has there ever been a major leaguer cut that hasn't created some buzz for the Met fan? Even Gary Sheffield created a discussion.

Derek Jeter will be the opening day leadoff hitter for the Yankees. That makes both of New York's starting shortstops leadoff hitters. Is there anyone out there who thinks the Yankees have the better end of this?

Longtime Yankee Stadium announcer Bob Sheppard is planning to retire. Or is he? I can't imagine that the Yankees will allow him to leave without one big sellout Bob Sheppard Day.

One more Yankee story: Joba Chamberlain pled guilty to DUI and will get probation.

Jake Peavy ended his near-perfect Spring Training yesterday by shutting out the White Sox over five innings. Peavy's Spring ERA was 0.00.


Sorry for the Yankee overload. Enjoy the day!