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Tuesday Applesauce

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We desperately need games to talk about. I'm terrified of the blogosphere when there's no baseball on the field; it sort of consumes itself in outrage.

Meet the Mets

The latest in off-day controversies is the story surrounding Doc Gooden's signature at Citi Field. In case you haven't heard, Gooden signed an empty gray wall at the new Ebbetts Club at the behest of an employee. Already having been criticized for the lack of Met history at the new stadium, the Met organization continued its tone-deaf PR by insisting on erasing the signature. Spurned on by the New York Post, the Met blogosphere erupted (more here, and here). I love the spontaneous nature of Gooden's act (it would be awesome to have a wall of signatures of former Met players that just happened without any planning) and the Met reaction seems a little overboard, but this outrage is a bit much. It's really the type of thing that gets talked about when there's no baseball being played and papers need to be sold and blogs visited. Although, the outcry did lead to them moving Gooden's signature, behind fiberglass, so I can't complain too much.

Wily Mo time!

The 100 men left stranded so far this season are crying out for a return of the well publicized 80 pitch drill

Mariner blog Lookout Landing thinks they sold at a good time with JJ Putz. Meanwhile, Mets Geek is encouraged by the average pitch speed of the Met bullpen.

Bobby V talks about the 1999 Mets, the best Met team that I can remember.

Mets Minor League Blog does a less thorough job than Amazin Avenue in highlighting who's hot, and who's cold in the Met farm system.

Around the NL East

Nationals prospect and spring Met killer Jordan Zimmerman made his big league debut last night, beating the Braves 3-2. Beyond the Boxscore takes a closer look at the start. Brave catcher Brian McCann will see an eye doctor to address his blurred vision which has affected him during a 1 for 20 slump. The Braves also traded pitcher Blaine Boyer to the Cardinals for minor leaguer Brian Barton, just in time for the Mets to arrive in St. Louis.

The Pirates shut out the Marlins, 8-0, on a two hitter. Ross Ohlendorf carried the load for the Pirates for the first 7 innings. Don't look now, but Pittsburgh is 7-6. The Marlin loss snapped a 7 game winning streak.

Philly pitcher Jamie Moyer will receive an honorary doctorate from St. Joseph's University.

Around MLB

In news from the recession, MLB attendance is already down 7 percent from last year. 

Is it too early to start talking about Yankee Stadium as the new Coors Field? Mets Police picks up on the story as well. The Daily News does a study.

To our Boston brethren, happy belated Patriots Day.


Everyone remember to pray for "Good Ollie" tonight, or dance our ceremonial rain dance, or whatever. Who knows. Enjoy the game tonight.