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Don't Panic: Cardinals 6, Mets 4

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No full recap tonight; I just don't have the heart. My wish list:

  • Daniel Murphy will get better.
  • Carlos Beltran won't ever cross home plate standing up on a close play.
  • Jerry Manual won't ever bring in Casey Fossum with the bases loaded.
  • Omar Minaya won't ever sign a vastly inferior starting pitcher to save $3 million a year.

It's only thirteen games; all of the losses have been by one or two runs. The Mets have left a ton of guys on base, but the silver lining is that they managed to get those guys on base in the first place, so as the data set gets larger we can reasonably expect them to do a better job of getting those guys in.

Also, a humble request: try to reign in the cursing in the gamethreads. We all get worked up from time to time, but the purposeless, vacuous cursing that plagued the tail end of last night's chatter was a black eye on all of us. Cursing as an emotive response is expected; cursing for cursing's sake, or because you can't articulate something more meaningful to contribute to the discourse, is generally unwelcome.

Also, wishing death upon anyone will not be tolerated.

Thanks for your help with this.