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Uninspired Applesauce

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Hopefully the Applesauce isn't uninspired, but rather your humble blogger after this truly blah 6-9 start and Cardinal sweep. It's hard to even enjoy the games because as soon as this team gets a lead, the opposition will tie it or take the lead in the next half inning. Oh well. Samt has a great piece this morning that cheered me up and took away some of the despair. Thanks Sam.

Meet the Mets

Desperation? Or reasonable reaction? Jerry Manuel is threatening to send Oliver Perez or Mike Pelfrey to the minors and fire coaches if there is no improvement.

Joyce Mandelkern is regretting her lifestyle choice right now.

As the Mets prepare to face Washington lefty Scott Olsen tonight, Manuel has announced some lineup changes. Olsen will be the first left handed starting pitcher facing the Mets this season. Key differences include Sheffield and Tatis starting in place of Murphy and Church. Please, God, no fly balls.

Jose Reyes is 60 hits away from 1,000.

Did Tony LaRussa just plain outmanage Manuel yesterday?

This is welcome news: Gary Carter will keep his mouth shut about managing the Mets.

Not a great Ranger debut for Darren O'Day. O'Day gave up the game winning hit to Kevin Millar.

Could Ben Sheets still be the savior for this Met rotation?

So long Nelson Figueroa. Figgy has turned down a minor league assignment and is now a free agent.

The Mets are still second to the Yankees, at least in terms of team value.

Think that Daniel Murphy getting thrown out at home play couldn't get any weirder from the other night? Think again.

Bud Seling might be talking the Mets and the Yankees into lowering ticket prices. Right...

Around the NL East

Vote for Milledge!

Brewer pitcher Dave Bush flirted with a no-hitter, as Philly ace Cole Hamels was hit in the shoulder with a Prince Fielder line drive. The Phillies lost 6-1. Hamels appears to be alright

Why is Ryan Zimmerman making so much more than Edwin Encarnacion? Defense, defense, defense.

Former MVP Jimmy Rollins is a .179 hitter.

Around MLB

Recently called up Brian Bannister outpitched reigning Cy Young winner Cliff Lee. Speaking of Lee, are the Indians thinking of trading him

More Pedro news. Angels or Rangers. Pedro could fill in for injured starter Kris Benson.

In a blast to the past, the Twins have traded Jason Tyner to the Tigers.

And, finally, in news that doesn't sound possible at all, Hideki Irabu is attempting a major league comeback. Irabu or Livan... hmmmm.....


Anyway, have a good weekend you all. Hopefully the Nationals will be the stimulus package this team needs.