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Reasons For Optimism This Weekend: Mets vs. Nationals

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The pitching matchups for this weekend's series against the Nationals favor the Mets, and here are the reasons why:

Game 1: Scott Olsen vs. Johan Santana

"We drinkin' Santana champ cause it's so crisp!"  Oh, and Scott Olsen is terrible.

Game 2: Daniel Cabrera vs. Mike Pelfrey

Umm, the Mets are facing Daniel Alberto Cruz Cabrera.


Game 3: Jordan Zimmerman vs. Oliver Perez

Sandy Koufax, age 27 statistics: 311 IP, 1.88 ERA, 5.28 K/BB

Oliver Perez is 27 years old.  You do the math.


Check out Mets Geek for a more in-depth look at Olsen, Cabrera, and Zimmerman.