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Heilman-esque: Marlins 7, Mets 4

Game Result

SB Nation Coverage

* Boxscore
* Amazin' Avenue Gamethread
* FishStripes Gamethread


  • Livan Hernandez: can't ask for much more.
  • Sean Green: couldn't imagine anything worse.
  • Did Daniel Murphy shit on Jerry Manuel's mother's grave and I not hear about it? Murph has started just twice in the last six games and, while I support Gary Sheffield, Murphy really has to be in there for five of those six games.
  • Tomorrow's game is at 1:10pm, so yea, something to do at work.

Swag contest results can be found here and the next game's swag form already available. You can read more about the swag contest here.

Win Probability Added

Big winners: Gary Sheffield, +11.5% WPA, Alex Cora, +10.7% WPA
Big losers: Sean Green, -55.7% WPA, Jose Reyes, -10.7% WPA
Teh aw3s0mest play: Sheffield two-run triple in first, +13.3% WPA
Teh sux0rest play: Cantu three-run homer in seventh, -37.4% WPA
Total pitcher WPA: -47.9% WPA
Total batter WPA: -2.1% WPA
GWRBI!: Jorge Cantu

Game Thread Roll Call

Nice job by JohnPeterson; his effort in the game thread embiggens us all.

Num Name # of Posts
1 JohnPeterson 34
2 DevonEdwards 34
3 jasondg 25
5 Endys Game 23
6 GenJackRipper 22
7 englishgrey 16
8 Catsmeat Potter-Pirbright 15
9 wrightHOF 15
10 JamesK 13