Clearly, the Mets are a team built to win now.  The problem is, they have no leadership.  The only leader on the team is Santana, but he only plays once every five days.  David Wright cannot handle the pressure of the big city, and is the biggest reason why the Mets big three, doesn't stand up to the Phillies big three.  Seriously, Wright's statistics "close and late" in games are laughable....almost as laughable as his Gold Gloves.  Go see if the Rays will trade Longoria straight up for how.  Not even if the Mets ate 100% of Wright's contract.  OVERRATED


I think the Mets are destined for .500 this year, and then an off-season that involves breaking up the core of the team.  No starting pitching, no playoffs.  No clutch hitting, no playoffs.  No guts, no playoffs.


Bottom playoffs this year, 85 wins at best, and a refined core for 2010.

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