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Sheffield A Met

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Per The Post:

The Mets today signed Gary Sheffield with an eye on giving him significant playing time, according to three people involved in the talks.

One person who talked directly to Sheffield said the slugger preferred the Mets over the Phillies because he sees a greater potential for playing time, and wants the heavier workload as a way to showcase for the 2010 season.

Sheffield, released by the Tigers earlier this week, is a free agent at the conclusion of this season. He is expected to arrive in New York tonight and address the media tomorrow.

The deal is contingent on Sheffield passing a physical Saturday, Mets general manager Omar Minaya said.

As we discussed earlier, this deal is low-risk if the Mets play it right. If Sheffield behaves himself, he can provide an adequate bat off the bench as a pinch hitter as well as to spell Daniel Murphy, Ryan Church and, occasionally, Carlos Delgado. His signing probably means the end of Marlon Anderson's career with the Mets, which is also good news.

There are two ways this could be a bad deal for the Mets.

  1. Sheffield actually takes considerable playing time away from Murphy or Church, unless one or the other is playing really poorly and Sheffield is playing really well.
  2. Sheffield broods and pouts about a lack of playing time, becoming a colossal douche and a clubhouse distraction.

The first concern can be tempered by simply sticking to the plan of Murphy in left, Church in right. The second one can be assuaged by releasing Sheffield the minute he outlives his usefulness.