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2009 Season Predictions

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Happy, Opening Day! In commemoration of the big day, the Amazin' Avenue writers have submitted their preseason projections. We can't promise their veracity, but they're definitely better than these.

NL East

Eric James Sam
1 Mets Phillies Mets
2 Phillies (Wild Card) Mets (Wild Card) Braves (Wild Card)
3 Braves Braves Phillies
4 Marlins Marlins Marlins
5 Nationals Nationals Nationals


Eric: The Phillies could very easily win the division, and even the Braves could take the NL East crown if they can get any kind of offense out of their outfield.

James: Ask me again in an hour and I might put the Mets ahead of the Phillies – it’s too close to call. The Mets rotation is really starting to worry me though.

Sam: The Phillies are overrated and the Mets finally have a bullpen. The Braves did everything I wanted Omar to do this offseason with the rotation.

NL Central

Eric James Sam
1 Cubs Cubs Cubs
2 Cardinals Cardinals Cardinals
3 Reds Reds Brewers
4 Brewers Brewers Reds
5 Pirates Pirates Pirates
6 Astros Astros Astros


NL West

Eric James Sam
1 Dodgers Dodgers Diamondbacks
2 Diamondbacks Giants Dodgers
3 Giants Diamondbacks Giants
4 Rockies Rockies Rockies
5 Padres Padres Padres

AL East

Eric James Sam
1 Yankees Yankees Red Sox
2 Red Sox (Wild Card) Red Sox (Wild Card) Rays (Wild Card)
3 Rays Rays Yankees
4 Blue Jays Blue Jays Blue Jays
5 Orioles Orioles Orioles

AL Central

Eric James Sam
1 Indians Indians Indians
2 Twins White Sox Twins
3 White Sox Twins Tigers
4 Tigers Tigers White Sox
5 Royals Royals Royals

AL West

Eric James Sam
1 Angels Angels Athletics
2 Athletics Athletics Angels
3 Mariners Mariners Mariners
4 Rangers Rangers Rangers



Eric James Sam
NLDS Phillies and Mets Phillies and Cubs Braves and Mets
ALDS Yankees and Red Sox Yankees and Red Sox Rays and Athletics
NLCS Mets Cubs Mets
ALCS Red Sox Yankees Athletics
WS Red Sox Yankees Mets


Eric: The Cubs might never win another playoff series. ESPN is already salivating over another Yankees/Red Sox ALCS.

James: The Cubs won't win 97 games again but they're still very good. If the Mets don't win it all I'm fine with any team but the Phillies winning. I'm not sure I could stomach a W.F.Champtions repeat.

Sam: Ya Gotta Believe.

The Awards

Eric James Sam
NL MVP Albert Pujols Albert Pujols David Wright
AL MVP Mark Teixeira Grady Sizemore Dustin Pedroia
NL CY Derek Lowe Dan Haren Javier Vazquez
AL CY CC Sabathia Josh Beckett Josh Beckett
NL ROY Cameron Maybin Cameron Maybin Jordan Zimmermann
AL ROY Pat Listach Travis Snider Matt Wieters


Eric: Derek Lowe > Oliver Perez, as if it needed saying again. Yea, I've got Yankees winning the AL MVP and Cy Young. With any luck I'll jinx 'em. I don't know squat about American League rookies so I just pretended it was 1992 and went with Listach.

James: Pujols is a lock for NL MVP if he stays healthy. David Wright and Jimmy Rollins are runners-up. I have a hunch that Rollins is going to have a terrific season, unfortunately. Haren had a career year in 2008, and at age 28 I see no reason why he can’t repeat it. Sizemore is the safe/boring pick for AL MVP, but Dustin Pedroia has a great shot at winning it again.

Sam: Am I really the only one who picked Wieters? I think if the Mets make the playoffs they give Wright a make-up MVP.