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Opening Day Applesauce

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The wait is finally over. Here we are. The team is not exactly how we envisioned it a few months ago, but all in all, a relatively quiet spring. That is never a bad thing. Anyway, here's a little news for you before 1:00.

Around the Mets

Following a weekend split at Citi Field with the Red Sox, the Mets have traveled to chilly Cincinnati (high of 42 degrees today) to open the season with the Reds. Johan Santana will make the start, facing one of the Red aces, Aaron Harang. First pitch is at 1:10.

Jerry Manuel will send out the following lineup this afternoon:

  1. Jose Reyes SS
  2. Daniel Murphy LF
  3. David Wright 3B
  4. Carlos Delgado 1B
  5. Carlos Beltran CF
  6. Ryan Church RF
  7. Brian Schneider C
  8. Luis Castillo 2B
  9. Johan Santana P

Newly acquired Met outfielder Gary Sheffield will start the season on the bench as he works his way into the regular lineup. Omar Minaya sent right handed 1B/OF Nick Evans back to AAA to make room for Sheffield. 

Here is a tremendous story about Met great Jerry Koosman. H/T to Mets Police. Koosman is one of my all time favorites because he proves that it's harder to be a 20 game loser than it is to be a 20 game winner (1977 8-20 with a 3.49 ERA).

Some good news from the Citi Bank front. It appears as though they will have very little to do with the opening day festivities.

Mike Silva believes that this year's team is the one to exorcise Shea's demons.

New York Sports Dog thinks that David Wright has opened his stance a little bit. I haven't noticed this, but has anyone else?

Coincidentally, New York city officials are raiding Willets Point businesses and shutting them down for code violations in advance of the Met home opener.

Gary Sheffield says that David Wright is the person to blame thank for getting him to sign with the Mets.

Around the NL East

Derek Lowe made a spectacular debut last night for the Braves (in stark contrast to Oliver Perez's last spring outing). The good news in this is that he beat the Phillies 4-1

Philadelphia fans booed Philly starter Brett Myers after his third home run allowed. Philly championship grace lasted 20 minutes.

The Washington Nationals are opening their season against the Florida Marlins (who are excited to have 20-30K fans in the seats), but they're already hoping for a lousy season so that they can get Stephen Strasbourg (link includes video!).

In more National news, third baseman Ryan Zimmerman has ruled out in-season negotiations for renewing his contract

Around MLB

Replacing Ichiro's spot in the lineup would be hard for anyone, but I feel bad that that will be Endy's first introduction to Seattle fans.

In news from the recession, 14 major league teams are opening the season with a smaller payroll than last year.

This article just jumped out at me. I went to school in Chicago and was struck by how much Cub fans love Wrigley Field (probably more so than the actual Cubs). Maybe Carlos Zambrano is just jealous that the fans are coming for the stadium and not him. 

Injury news: Dodger Jason Schmidt will start the season on the 15 day DL. He will be joined there by Diamondbacks Tom Gordon and Max Scherzer.

And finally, this sent shivers down my spine. Baseball and snow NEVER go well together.


That's all for today. Hope everyone enjoys today and most importantly, LET'S GO METS!