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Lucky Applesauce

Carlos Beltran suddenly is the gritty, aggressive hero, despite the fact that he was out stealing third last night. Oh well, I'll count it as payback for all those seasons in the late 90s when Greg Maddux and Tom Glavine got pitches called that were a foot outside.

Meet the Mets

It's not looking good for Carlos Delgado. That ailing hip will be re-evaluated on Friday to see if he's going to go on the DL. Should Delgado be out for extended time, Daniel Murphy will get more time at first base.

Some rough baserunning last night, which has been a problem all year for the Mets. What was Reyes thinking though? I look up and Chipper is waiting for him at third base.

Filip Bondy says the Mets showed heart last night. Amazing what happens when an ump totally blows a call.

Why am I only finding out about a streaker at last night's game now?

Nick Evans AAA disaster is over, at least for now. He has been demoted to AA.

The Mike Pelfrey and John Maine are not good hitters.

Add Art Howe to the cast of the Moneyball movie. Why would he do that? He came out a buffoon in that book.

Around the NL East

Some outstanding individual performances in the division yesterday, highlighted by Jayson Werth's steal of home in the 7th inning. Werth had already stolen second and third in the inning. It was the ninth time since 1942 that a player has stolen all three bases in one inning. The Phillies beat the Dodgers 5-3.

Philadelphia may give JA Happ a shot in the rotation this Saturday. 

Ryan Zimmerman has now hit in 30 straight games, getting 2 hits in yesterday's 9-7 loss to the Giants. Joe Beimel, however, did not help his team out, giving up a home run to Pablo Sandoval.

Since when was Adam Dunn a triple crown threat?

Brian McCann's new specs aren't working for him behind the plate.

The Marlins lost their series opener to Milwaukee 6-3 behind a pair of home runs from Prince Fielder. Prior to the game, it was announced that Scott Proctor would be out for the remainder of the season. Fireballer Andrew Miller is ready to make a start this weekend.

With the Marlin pitching staff in near shambles, Pedro is waiting for a call.

Around MLB

The Yankees are selling scrap from their old stadium, much like the Mets. I'm still waiting to purchase a urinal from Shea. I mean, they've got to make some money, how can they get by with these ticket prices?

The Brewers have signed utility player Frank Catalanotto.

Kevin Youkilis was placed on the 15 day DL due to a strained oblique muscle.

Roy Halladay is good, particularly against the Yankees.


Thank goodness for afternoon baseball. The Mets usually lose, however, when I'm watching at work, causing me much embarrassment from the cursing and banging my head against the desk.