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Thursday Applesauce

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Can anyone find the Mets record for weekday day games? I can't remember the last time the Mets have won a game while I'm watching at work. Seriously. I might actually do real work next time.

Meet the Mets

Following his sub-par outing yesterday, Jonathan Niese was sent down to the minors, replaced by Nelson Figueroa. Mets Minor League Blog breaks down Niese's PitchFx, concluding that he's going to be alright.

For the second time in two games and for the millionth time since his 2003 call-up, Jose Reyes's base-running left Met fans scratching their heads

Metsblog speculates on who might be called up if and when Carlos Delgado gets the hook. It's not pretty.

Bill Madden questions Jerry's leadership.

The Citi Field streaker has been released from jail and is unapologetic.

And in relatively old news, JJ Putz needs more adrenaline. Ugh.

Around the NL East

Joe Dimaggio's ghost can rest easy: Ryan Zimmerman's hitting streak ended at 30 games. The Nationals still got the W, however, with help from Nick Johnson and Elijah Dukes.

The Marlins continue in their tailspin, falling to the Brewers 8-6. Rickie Weeks homered for the third straight game and the Marlins lost a home run to instant replay. Marlin starter Ricky Nolasco got pounded, seeing his ERA rise to 7.78 for the year

The leader of the Wolf Pack bit his former team hard last night as Randy Wolf and the Dodgers beat the Phillies 9-2. 76 year old starter Jamie Moyer was bad again through 4 innings

Jo-Jo Reyes is not fooling anyone in the league right now and soon might be replaced with Tom Glavine.

Around MLB

Charlie Manuel has asked Joe Torre to be a coach for the National League team in the All-Star game. No word yet on whether the NL team will be practicing Manuel's famous grit drill.

A great story about former ML umpire Rick Reed who is working his way back to the bigs after two strokes.

The Angels are still waiting for Bobby Abreu's first home run, as is my fantasy team (the Putzes).

A-Rod gets support from Pete Rose. A-Rod's response: No, really Pete, I'm OK.

USA Today realizes that ERA and wins are fluky. Really?

The Miami Herald thinks that MLB shouldn't put all its eggs in the Pujols basket because of steroids. Instead they should put all their eggs in the Longoria basket.


Late night tonight. I hate the west coast trips. My sleeper team, the Giants, are making me look good, by the way.