Notes from Mets @ Giants 5/15 aka The Search for Kevin Burkhardt.

It's time for the Mets to visit California!  I'm going to all four games, so here's my take from game one.

I know I said this last year, but if ever get the chance to take a trip out here to California, go to AT&T Park.  For that matter, check out Petco Park as well.

We sat on the third base side, between the left field wall and the end of the dugout.  Fantastic seats.  While we were waiting for the game to start, I got bored and decided to send a twitter to Kevin Burkhardt to see if he would get back to me.

The game started and some Mets fans were sitting in front of us, wondering where Reyes was.  I informed them he wouldn't be in the line up.  This did not please them.  One of them, had moved here from New York in 2007.  He came earlier in the day, to see if he could meet some of the Mets.  He said everyone was super nice, especially Gary Sheffield.  He said the worst was PedroDOS, which I thought was kind of weird. 

The "Bonds Squad" or whatever they're calling themselves now, were getting on Sheffield, as they do with every left fielder that isn't theirs.

I checked my phone at one point and saw that Kevin Burkhardt had replied directly to my twitter, which I thought was really odd.  He told me he was eating over in left field.  My sister and I went over just to say hi (because apparently we're best friends.....), and on my way there something odd happened.

I ran into a couple of douchebags.

Let me explain something.  San Francisco Giant fans are, for the most part, really good fans.  I've gone to four series and the only time I've ever had someone be terrible to me.  By terrible, I mean drunkenly yelling at me while I walked out of the park.  Today, someone got in my face, as he walked by and said, "Fuck the Mets".  On the way back from not see Kevin Burkhardt (to which he apologized for later), another Giants fan grabbed the sleeve of my jersey and tugged hard on it as he walked by.  As I turned around to see what his deal was, he just gave me one of those douchie smiles.


I'm not sure who told the Mets to run, run, and run some more.  I love that they tested Molina, mainly because I can't stand him. 

Maine looked pretty good after the first inning.  He and Hippo didn't look like they were seeing eye to eye on anything. He was down right pissed at himself after the first, and rightfully so.  I thought we were going to get blown out, the way he was pitching.  But he turned it around and got out of some late inning trouble (kind of).

Bobby Parnell didn't look like Bobby Parnell.  I'm not completely sure why they didn't leave Brian Stokes in for another inning, because they weren't even half way through the line up when they came up to bat.  Honestly after they tied the game up, I didn't think this team would show any signs of life against Brian Wilson, who is a pair of glasses away from being this guy.  The promo they played of him including him striking out the same guy and doing his celebration pose over and over again.

Beltran's slide at third.  It was close, buttttt....he did look kind of out.  Not that I care, because it paid off big time.  The double steal was incredible and a lot of Giants fans left after that.

Frankie coming into shut down the game made it even better.  Mainly because Giants fans hate him as is (2002).

Overall, it's one of the better games I've gone to in the past couple of years.  Church looks really lost offensively.  I'm convinced that Jose Reyes makes that play on Renteria.

This is without a doubt, the worst FanPost in the history of FanPosts.  No structure at all.  Sorry.

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