A Simple Request

It has been a frustrating few days of New York Mets baseball, folks.  The team comes off of three straight wins in San Francisco to now lose three straight games in which the team has scored a total of five runs and made some horrendous errors in the field and on the basepaths.  To make things worse, the manager has made more than a few questionable decisions and the general manager has saddled him with a bevy of back-ups perhaps not fit to start on the lowly Nationals, let alone an alleged contender like the Mets.  And yet, all three of those losses have been eminently winnable.  It is a rough patch, to be sure, but there are some bright spots to be found as well.

This is not, however, an analysis but, rather, a simple request for some civility.  The game threads here have become downright nasty during the last few games.  Wishing that Jerry Manuel was dead will not make him a better manager.  Wishing incurable death or disease upon a shitty player will not make him a better player.  Threatening to track down Omar Minaya will not make him any better at personnel decisions.  As we have seen recently, these seemingly innocuous sorts of statements on a message board can get you in trouble with the law.  Moreover, it makes the atmosphere in the game threads somewhat intolerable for people trying to discuss a game of baseball.

I do not begrudge anyone their right to complain about Jerry Manuel (I certainly do), or Omar Minaya (ditto), or certain players (natch).  Shit happens in baseball and it is fun to bitch about it.  And, like our own cjmulrain said only two days ago, we are "the angriest fan base of a first place team in professional sports history."  Sure, second place now, but the sentiment remains valid.  But please keep the death and disease wishes to yourself.  It really is to everyone's benefit.

As always, Let's Go Mets!

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