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We Take Federal Holidays Applesauce

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Meet the Mets

The hits keep on coming. Jose Reyes did some light running and will be evaluated for the DL on Friday. In the meantime they will carry him on the roster. Here's all the bad news at once, Carlos Beltran will undergo an MRI today on his right knee.

Now for some welcome news. Francisco Rodriguez is feeling a lot better after being carted to the hospital with back spasms on Saturday night. Rodriguez got the save in last night's win over Washington.

More good news: Ryan Church's MRI on his right hamstring came out negative. The outfielder will likely stay off the DL. Or will he. The only problem with this, depending on your opinion, is it will likely keep Fernando Martinez in AAA.

Instant replay's everwatching eye shined favorably on the Mets, once again, and Gary Sheffield has been a godsend, to this point.

Ken Davidoff looks at the Met highest personnel priorities. Corner outfield is tops. 

Is Carlos Beltran cheating when he's using a stopwatch to time the pitchers' delivery?

Do the Mets now have edge?

Jerry Koosman may face a year in prison after being convicted of tax evasion.

Around the NL East

Federal Baseball has a great post about last night's game. It's like bizarro world. Sheffield's home run wasn't. The Met closer is Francisco Cabrera. 

The Marlins knocked off the Phillies 5-3. Shane Victorino, for all his grit, made a mistake in a key play in the ninth inning

Mike Francesa says that the Phillies are talking to the Padres about Jake Peavy. This must be true.

The Giants, led by Jonathan Sanchez, shut down the Braves, 8-2. Chipper Jones says his team is better with him on the bench. Where is that winning passion to get on the field?

Around MLB

Boston closer Jonathan Papelbon freaked out a New York Post photographer after the home run to Omir Santos. 

Jim Thome homered for the 549th time in his career, passing Mike Schmidt for 13th place on the all-time list. Chicago beat the Angels 17-3.

Milton Bradley is speaking out about an umpire conspiracy

Jose Canseco is fighting in a mixed martial arts competition against a 7'2" super heavyweight. That is a sentence I never thought I would read, let alone write.

Welcome back Vladimir Guerrero. And welcome back to the old Tampa Rays

Manny Ramirez is back taking batting practice.


Would a rainout be that bad tonight?