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Bullpen? Applesauce

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Meet the Mets

For the first time in a while, a lot of good news to report in last night's game. First, Livan threw 127 pitches in the first complete game in Citi Field history, which also happened to be a 6-1 Met win. Gary Sheffield contributed yet another big home run, making this team look like the 1997 Marlins

Last night was also Fernando Martinez's big league debut. Martinez was 0 for 3, but did collect his first RBI. Minaya called up Martinez after putting Church and Reyes on the DL, and sending cash to Cleveland for shortstop Wilson Valdez

If only instant replay had been around 40 years ago...

Steve Brad Holt is improving in St. Lucie, striking out 10 batters in last night's 6-1 win over Sarasota. Holt's ERA is now 3.57.

Meanwhile, Oliver Perez lost his control and the game in Buffalo, walking 5 batters in 4.1 innings

More complaining about Citi Field's lack of Met history. This time about the championship banners. They might as well have put them above the urinals in the Field Box level. 

Nick Johnson doesn't rule out the idea of playing for the Mets.

Around the NL East

Federal Baseball took Applesauce's criticism well. Just never make the mistake again... They also had some good observations about the Mets/Nationals series so far. They also have a legitimate gripe about the All Star fan voting at third base.

The Mets will not have Daniel Cabrera to kick around anymore. The Nationals DFA'd the wild right hander.

Joe Blanton lowered his ERA to 6.14 in Philadelphia's 5-3 victory over the Marlins. Shane Victorino got four hits in five at bats. Andrew Miller was shaky at the start and Hanley Ramirez's error led to a 3-0 hole for the Marlins. At least Ramirez made it onto the field; he is battling a painful right groin

The Phillies are looking at Jason Marquis and Erik Bedard.

Chipper Jones was back on the field Tuesday night, only to face reigning Cy Young award winner Tim Lincecum. Lincecum allowed five singles over eight innings in the Giants' 4-0 victory. 

Around MLB

Albert Pujols is getting the Barry Bonds treatment

Cleveland outfielder Matt LaPorta (the key player in the Sabathia deal) was sent down by the Indians to triple-A. La Porta was 8 for 42 this year.

What's wrong with the Rays?

Will Manny Ramirez be starting in the All Star game?

The Diamondbacks snapped San Diego's 10 game winning streak thanks to Max Scherzer's outstanding effort. 

Zack Greinke wins his 8th. The Nationals have won 13.

Yesterday's nomination of Sonia Sotomayor to the Supreme Court gave a spotlight to her role in ending the baseball strike

Jose Canseco did not win in his MMA debut. He is lucky to still be breathing.


For all you who didn't want a rainout because of tickets, congratulations. You saw an MLB debut and a complete game. Nicely done.