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Swine Flu Applesauce

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I'm sure I'm just overreacting, but the fever this morning is kind of freaking me out. Anyway, I hope that my sentences are relatively coherent.

Meet the Mets

Carlos Beltran is awesome. Oliver Perez, not so much. Wondering what Perez was talking about with JJ Putz in the bullpen last night? Metstradamus was there.

Besides Santana, the Met pitching has been incredibly wild. Maine, while throwing a strong game, walked 6 Braves in last night's victory. The Mets have now walked 102 batters, 4th most in the league. Once again, thank God for Johan Santana. NY Sports Dog and Metsblog are both speculating about the Mets trading for a top of the line starter (Halladay/Cliff Lee). 

Casey Fossum has wound up with the Yankee farm team in Scranton

In more important minor league news, Fernando Martinez homered in yesterday's Bison victory

Relatively old news, but with Delgado back in the lineup yesterday and Applesauce taking a sick day, thought I'd let you all know that Delgado could remain injured all year.

Armando Benitez is looking to sign a deal with the Newark Bears

Around the NL East

Rick Ankiel was carted off the field after this play as the Phillies beat the Cardinals 6-1. Watching that play brings up a good sportsmanship question. Should Pedro Feliz have tried to get the inside the park home run after noticing Ankiel had been knocked unconscious? Did he even notice?

The Nationals beat the Astros 9-4, making a winner out of John Lannan

The Marlins beat the Reds on a 14th inning throwing error by Paul Janish in front of a sparse "crowd." Meanwhile, Jorge Cantu was named the NL player of the week last week.  

Around MLB

Zack Greinke is also good

A-Rod is looking to come back on Friday.


That is all. I'm going home.