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Humpday Applesauce

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Despite two really big hiccups by the right side of the Met infield, a lot to be excited about from last night's game. It was a good, solid performance by the Mets with their fifth (fourth?) starter on the mound. But, in the future, let's catch pop ups and easy ground balls guys.

Meet the Mets

Mets Police does a great job of digging up the corpse of the old retractable roof debate brought on by this New York Times piece. I am a baseball purist in many ways, but a retractable dome is my one weakness. I love Miller Park and absolutely hate rain delays. But, an AppleDome? Really?

Prior to yesterday's game, outfielders Daniel Murphy and Jeremy Reed were taking ground balls at first base. A sign of things to come?

Who has it worse, Met fans or Cub fans? Yikes, I can't believe that it's even a contest. I was only three when the Mets won in 1986, so, at least I have that...

Josh Thole gets a gold star from Mets Minor League Blog. Meanwhile, Baseball Prospectus is surprised by Reese Havens' power.

In stories that you're glad to see go away, Roberto Alomar has settled with his ex-girlfriend, you know the one who accused him of trying to give her AIDS. 

Johan Santana won NL Pitcher of the Month, deservedly so. Let's get some more. 

SNY does some pretty solid commercials. They are definitely better than MASN's National commercials.

Around the NL East

Met killer and part time batting coach Chipper Jones tried working on outfielder Jordan Schafer's swing. Another Met killer, Brian McCann, was seen in the dugout last night sporting some nice specs. He will be getting accustomed to those in AAA.

The Phillies are coming to town for two with an ace pitcher who's ready to get back on the mound. Philadelphia is coming off yet another victory against the Cardinals, this one led by a suddenly-hot Shane Victorino

Regis Philbin threw out the first pitch for the Marlins on Monday night, leaving Marlin fans wishing for a full start from the 77 year old righty during Tuesday night's 7-0 drubbing by Edison Volquez and the Reds

Do the Nationals wear their home uniforms when they continue their 10-10 tie game in the 11th inning in Houston? No. By the way, the Nationals and Astros played 10 innings in DC and will play at least one more on July 6th in Houston.

Around MLB

If only the Mets had traded Wright for Longoria! They could've had the NL Pitcher of the Month and the AL Player of the Month on the same team!

Do you remember when Tim Lincecum was a one year wonder after his shaky start? Me neither

The Dodgers are 12-0 at home to start their season, tying the Major League record.

Oh yeah, did I mention that the Red Sox swept the Yankees again? Meanwhile, Yankee fans are ticked at management for the confusion over Monday night's two hour rain delay. Usually that sort of stuff only happens to the classless Met organization.

In other Yankee Stadium news, look for parking rates of $29 next year at the Stadium. Just don't expect lobster bisque, which has apparently become standard ballpark fare. 

David Eckstein keeps it simple.


I'm back, coughing and sneezing, but at the keyboard. That's an improvement. Hopefully this post was a little more comprehensive and coherent. Enjoy tonight.