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Thursday Applesauce

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Santana is bringing his ERA down to Greinke levels. If only the Mets had scored more than a combined 10 runs during his starts...

Meet the Mets

So, I do my morning diligence and check out this morning, only to find myself wishing I hadn't within a few paragraphs. David Waldstein interviewed Charlie Manuel, whose one goal remaining in life is to mock the Mets. Money quote:

If you notice, sometimes a team will get a five-game lead in our division, they'll get caught real quick.

Carlos Delgado, however, saved the Times sports section for me. Speaking off the Pedro Feliz too-much-effort, scrappy error in which Delgado scored on a close play, Delgado said "Speed kills."

Oliver Perez is headed to the DL and Ken Takahashi's chance at a ML start has been pushed back. Jonathan Niese will start tomorrow against Pittsburgh.

The New York Post is not taking the Met clubhouse newspaper ban lying down.

USA Today argues over who is the best pitcher in baseball, Zack Greinke or Johan.

Tim Redding still lives with his mother. And why not?

'Ropolitans blog has an incredibly disturbing graph of this year's bullpen salaries.

Mets Geek does a great job of breaking down pitch f/x data.

Around the NL East

I love it. After the game, I started looking for more of the MASN commercials, previously mentioned in Applesauce. Here are some of my favorites so far. "Jeff" praises Willie Harris,  yes, that Willie Harris. "Adam" loves letting the Phillies win the division. Feel free to look around. Here is the whole series. What are some of your favorite National moments?

Meanwhile, the Dodgers are now 13-0 at home this season, setting the record for most consecutive home wins to start the season. Oh yeah, they beat the Nationals. Nat reliever Joe Beimel was activated from the DL, likely to become the Washington closer.

Now, back to real baseball. Derek Lowe looked like Oliver Perez in yesterday's 8-6 victory over Florida. The Marlins have now lost 12 of their last 16 games. Garret Anderson's first 3 RBI of the season helped lead the way for Atlanta.

Marlin reliever Scott Proctor may undergo Tommy John surgery.

Atlanta is having trouble selling tickets, partially due to the crummy weather.

can take insulting our players, but our women too????? Now, you've gone too far.

Around MLB

Kris Benson is off the DL and the next time we see him will be his first ML relief appearance.

John Smoltz wants to try the senior PGA tour.

Red Sox announcer Jerry Remy is taking a leave of absence after cancer surgery.


Jamie Moyer again? At least Delgado will be in the lineup for him tonight. Not-Johan Mike Pelfrey will make the start for the Mets. Let's see if the Mets can continue their gritty winning ways.