June is gut check time.

June is upon us. School is almost finished for the year, June is also known as 'Gut Check Time In Mets Land.' The Mets have to begin June with three games aganist the Pirates,then three games aganist the Nationals. Before you can say this is easy the Mets have three games aganist the Phillies. Then the Mets have to play the Yankees for three games. Jerry Manuel has to have this team ready to play. We do not have to win every game but we must have a good record to stay in the hunt. The hitting and the pitching has to be good and on point. The fielding must also be on point too. The Bad News Mets are not needed in the month of June. If the Mets can finish the month of June in good shape then the Mets will have passed Gut Check Time for the month of June.

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