June Is Gut Check Time Pt. 2

Well June was gut check time. The Mets had to play the Pirates,the Nationals,the Phillies,and the Yankees. The record against these teams were 4 wins 8 losses. Bad pitching was the cause of this that might be true. The Mets were swept in Pittsburgh. Blown saves against he Phillies. Getting blown out on Sunday to the Yankees. Bad fielding (dropped pop up on Friday to the Yankees). The only series that the Mets won was against the Nationals. Some gut check, injuries played a part but the Mets didn't preform the way that they should. Jerry Manuel must rally the troops and have them ready. They must stay close to the Phillies so that they can stay in the hunt. The Mets failed the first gut check. Lets hope that when gut check time comes again the Mets will pass it with flying colors.

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