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Omar Minaya, Please Don't Do Anything Drastic

The news of Jose Reyes's hamstring tear is disappointing, and his production in the lineup will be missed no matter how long he is sidelined.  Shortstops worth 5-6 WAR per season are precious commodities.  However, the season certainly is not lost.  It's still only June, the Phillies magic number is 107, and the Mets still have a 40% chance of making the playoffs.  Considering this, I am here to ask Omar Minaya to not do anything outrageous. 

Dear Omar,

Please do not purge the farm system for Matt Holliday or Carlos Lee.  Seeking out a blockbuster trade at this point would be silly, as most other GMs (yes, even Ed Wade) can sense the semi-desperate circumstances surrounding your team.  The package required to secure Holliday was already enormous, and Billy Beane won't be giving a sympathy discount following Reyes's injury. Who knows if Lee is even on your radar, but it would be wise to avoid a 32 year-old, 250 lbs. defensive butcher owed $18.5 million each of the next 3 seasons.  Instead, look to add a solid bat like Nick Johnson or one of the other Nationals OF/1B.  These players won't clean out the minor league system and are more valuable than you think.  There's nothing wrong with acquiring unathletic, high-OBP sluggers.

Over the next few weeks, turn off the talk radio, don't watch Daily News Live!, and avoid the boys over at Mama's of Corona.  These are not the types that should be influencing your decisions.  Take a deep breath and realize that the Mets' core is outstanding and still relatively young.  Residing in your improving minor league system are young fireballers Brad Holt and Jenrry Mejia, an OBP-machine of a catcher in Josh Thole, and a 20 year-old outfield phenom named Fernando Martinez.  None of them should be wearing Oakland Athletics green and yellow uniforms at any point this season.  Find a few valuable supporting players, let the young'ns develop, and maybe in a few years (or this year?) you'll be sipping some of that champagne Willie Randolph used to talk about.



P.S. Hire a new training staff.