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With The 72nd Pick, The Mets Select Steven Matz, LHP

The Mets used their second round pick (their first) to pick a left-handed high school pitcher from Ward Melville on Long Island. He was a bit of a signability guy, so it's good to see the Mets using their money aggressively, especially to get the local kid.

Here's a scouting report:

  • Steven Matz: The LHP out of Ward Melville High School (East Setauket, NY) has produced "average" velocity consistently ranging from 88-92, but has touched 94 and scouts believe he can get stronger and thus throw faster. His curveball is projected to be above-average due to good spin and arm speed and he's also thrown a change-up on occassion, but with little consistency. Matz will be heading to Coastal Carolina.

An article lacking citation I found also claimed his stats from this year to be: 0.47 ERA, 81 K, 11 H, 15 BB, 44 IP. Apparently his second best pitch is the curveball, but he's begun throwing his changeup and slider more often, as he's more confident in his control.

Matz, Steve LHP Ward Melville HS (via 2008cle)

My amateur scouting wisdom says good aggressive delivery and fairly clean mechanics. Post more information as you find it.