Open Letter to Omar Minaya: You are Isiah Thomas to me now.

I have Saturday full of chores still ahead of me, but I just had to get this off my chest.

I tried Omar. I really tried. I have tried to give you the benefit of doubt. I have tried to put myself in your shoes, to see the world the way you see it. But this Francoeur deal--this was the last straw. It settled something for me once and for all. Omar, watching you is like watching Isiah Thomas run the Knicks into the ground in slow motion. And just like when Thomas was running the Knicks into the ground I'll continue to bleed orange and blue, but I am counting down the days until you are no longer with my team.

I do not compare you to Thomas lightly. I've written extensively about Thomas. To be fair, I do not believe that you operate with the same utter contempt for others that was the hallmark of Thomas's tenure in New York. However, like Thomas, you have a good--perhaps even exceptional--scout's eye for talent that serves as more of a curse than a blessing. Like Thomas, your stubborn refusal to incorporate serious statistical analysis into talent evaluation is merely symptomatic of a more fundamental problem. That fundamental problem is a propensity to confuse whimsy with insight, worsened by your refusal to construct a staff whose skills and talents truly compliment your own. These flaws in leadership would more than offset even an exceptional eye for talent.

My observation has shown me that these particular flaws tend not to get better with experience. The Francouer deal was just the latest chapter in an ongoing littany of decisions that simply are unsupportable. One need not be a so-called "stat head" to see that Francoeur has a ton of physical ability but simply doesn't draw enough walks or hit line drives in sufficient quantity to be a good offensive player. He'll have a few weeks here or there where he gets hot, but he's not good. Additionally, one need not be a stat head to operate a team under the aphorism, "first, do no harm." Trades that seen equivalent on the surface done just to "shake things up" practically by definition do harm.

So, this is goodbye Isiah Omar. I will always be a Mets fan, but I won't be wasting anymore time trying to understand your perspective. I think I got it now. But please, just leave the team alone.

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