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Francoeur Era Applesauce - Slow Met Home Run Apple, Angel Berroa, Banner Day, Manny Acta Fired

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The Jeff Francoeur trade had to have been good, right? He was on the cover of Sports Illustrated at one point AND the Mets are 2-0 since he joined them. That's good enough for me. Omar for President! On a side note, I misspelled Francoeur's name every single time I typed it. That's going to drive me crazy. Let's hope for that reason alone that he does nothing else the rest of the season.

Meet the Mets

The new home run apple may be bigger, shinier, and even faster rising, but it still takes 2.5 minutes to recharge after each home run. On a sidenote, who really cares how quickly the apple rises? Isn't it more important that it be ready? Maybe we should have listened to Metstradamus catches a conversation between the two apples.

Fortunately, Ted Berg is going back on his word to quit if the Mets got Jeff Francoeur. Matt Himmelfarb goes out on a limb and says the trade isn't as awful as everyone is making it out to be.

Just remember, Mike Bordick hit a home run on the first pitch he saw as a Met.

Over the weekend, the Mets signed former Rookie of the Year Angel BerroaArgenis Reyes and Nick Evans were sent down again.

Mets Geek takes a look at left handed pitching prospect Robert Carson. has resurrected Banner Day for Met fans.

Some good injury news, for a change. John Maine threw a side session and Carlos Delgado and Jose Reyes are starting to practice a little.

Damn you, Alex Cora.

We probably have Oliver Perez to look forward to at the end of the All-Star break.

Ronald Blum reminds Met fans how bad the Mets are. Thanks.

Around the NL East

The Nationals have fired manager Manny Acta. Jim Riggleman will probably replace him. Federal Baseball is not happy. Ken Rosenthal says the Nationals are leaderless.

Phillie outfielder Jayson Werth was named an All-Star to replace Carlos Beltran.

Pedro Martinez is rumored to be on his way to Philadelphia to close out his new contract.

If the Phillies added Roy Halladay with Pedro, can anyone say "repeat"?

Allen Barra says that Mike Schmidt is the best player ever, so long as you don't look before 1950.

In a clever roster move, the Braves have sent Tommy Hanson to the minors to add some bullpen depth after Hanson made his last start before the All Star Break.

Ryan Church is happy to play for Bobby Cox

Martin Prado is the new Joe McEwing

The Marlins think that Luis Ayala is the solution

Atlanta is retiring Mike Piazza's number

Nick Johnson, Josh Willingham, and Adam Dunn. A real murderer's row.

Around MLB

Roy Halladay gets the biggest All Star bonus: $125,000. The four Met All-Stars, Beltran, Rodriguez, Wright, and Santana will each receive $100,000.

In other Halladay news, the Jays may insist that teams take on Wells or Rios in any Halladay trade

At least the Mets didn't go for Yuniesky Betancourt. Yet. Royals Review does an awesome Mad Lib that could very easily be copied here.

I cannot wait to see Brandon Inge in tonight's Home Run Derby.

Can Sergio Mitre still be classified as a pitching prospect?

HBO is doing a Ted Williams documentary. Excellent.

The Pirates may be holding on to Freddy Sanchez.

Trevor Hoffman will get a chance to blow another All-Star game for the National League as he is replacing Jonathan Broxton.

Reds outfielder Jay Bruce broke his wrist this weekend diving for a David Wright fly ball.