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Slow Day Applesauce - All Star lineups, Acta's future, Mets and Carton, Valentine, and Victorino starting

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David Wright is batting sixth tonight. That sounds about right. I've been surprisingly hooked to the last few All-Star games. I don't know if the new "This One Counts" mantra has caused the players and managers to take the game seriously, but it has been a really enjoyable exhibition, no matter how irrelevant some people may find it. The Home Run Derby on the other hand...

Meet the Mets

Manny Acta has friends among the Met management and clubhouse which might translate into a new job in the organization.

Baseball America awarded Binghamton pitcher Brad Holt "Prospect Pitcher of the Day" after 7 innings of shutout ball, giving up 4 hits and striking out 7.

His time as a free agent made Francisco Rodriguez realize that the game is a business

Mike Silva makes a strong point about the Mets' relationship with radio host Craig Carton.

Brian McCann still believes in his high school buddy Francoeur. On a side note, maybe Francoeur should have gone to Clemson.

The Mets are relying on Charlie Manuel and the Philadelphia coaching staff to keep Johan Santana off the field tonight. Good luck with that.

Toby Hyde agrees with Adam Rubin's assessment of the Mets.

Centerfield Maz remembers Robin Ventura

Parking at Citi Field for the Paul McCartney concert might run $30. I would just as soon hitchhike to the show.

Mets Geek ranks the biggest hits of 2009, so far.

Around the NL East

Charlie Manuel has given the starting center field job to Shane Victorino, the last player voted to the team, in tonight's All-Star game. He was the only player with sufficient experience at the position.

Philadelphia will apparently sign Pedro if he passes a physical.

The new Marlin stadium will cost $2.4 billion.

Washington continues to show interest in Bobby Valentine to replace fired Manny Acta. Grrrrrr.....

Around MLB

Look for Tim Lincecum and Roy Halladay to start tonight.

Sports agents are the baseball players union to file a suit against MLB for collusion following last offseason's free agent market. It does appear as though they have a strong circumstantial case.

Cuban defector Aroldis Chapman has signed with an agent.

Lou Piniella pulls a Davey.

"Million Dollar Arm" winner Rinku Singh is the first Indian-born winning pitcher in professional American baseball.

Kansas City general manager pulls a Jeff Francoeur on defensive statistics.

And, for your enjoyment, here's an awesome grounds crew fail.