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Amazin' Avenue Homerun Derby Contest Results

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Prince Fielder won last night's All-Star Game Homerun Derby with 23 total homeruns (six in the finals), but more importantly, two of you have won prizes in the Amazin' Avenue Homerun Derby Contest.

Eight people correctly chose Fielder as the winner, so we had to go to the first tie-breaker for total homeruns by the winner. Amazingly, three people tied for the closest total with 24 (just one shy of Fielder's actual total), so we had to continue to the second tie-breaker, which was the total homeruns by the runner-up Nelson Cruz. Cruz swatted 21 homeruns overall, which squid92 nailed to take home the grand prize.

Second prize went to gogomets, who missed Cruz's total by just one homer.

Congrats to our winners and thanks to everyone for playing. As the 2009 Mets teeter on the brink of irrelevancy we'll find other creative ways to give away some comforting swag.

Num Username Derby Winner Winner HR Runner-Up HR
- * ACTUAL RESULTS * Prince Fielder 23 21
1 squid92 Prince Fielder 24 21
2 gogomets Prince Fielder 24 22
3 jasondg Prince Fielder 24 19
4 Jsz Prince Fielder 26 25
5 Lolwut Prince Fielder 27 25