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DMV Applesauce - Pedro already on DL, Decent Met All-Star showing, Wagner's future role

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My apologies for the tardiness and thinness of this morning's post. Bloggers are allowed to take All-Star breaks as well, particularly those who are left at home in their mother's basement. Anyway, I took the time to deal with the wonderful folks at the Virginia Department of Motor Vehicles. I am so glad to be here typing.

Meet the Mets

Billy Wagner will most likely return this season, but does not foresee much of a role for himself.

Hot Foot blog compiles a great list of Met All-Star facts, including a reminder of the Bobby Bonilla era.

The Post is reporting that Citi Field will host the 2013 All Star Game.

Ted Berg points out that the Mets are not pulling the ball a lot.

A hit for David Wright, a perfect inning from Francisco Rodriguez, and the 13th straight loss for the National League. Heath Bell was the losing pitcher.

Around the NL East

Pedro Martinez passed his physical, signed with the Phillies, and has been placed on the 15-day DL. It begins.

Rumors of an Atlanta trade with Oakland involving Matt Holliday and Yunel Escobar are swirling. Talking Chop suggests that the Braves have nothing to do with this.

Florida Marlin catcher John Baker might be featured in the new Moneyball film.

The Washington Nationals have been hard at work trying to sign Steven Strasburg.

Around MLB

Mariano Rivera saved his 4th All-Star game, a record, but Carl Crawford got the MVP for his amazing catch of Brad Hawpe's should have been home run.

Surprise, surprise, the Yankees and Red Sox are supposedly the most interested bidders for Cuban defector Aroldis Chapman.

Bud Selig doesn't want a repeat of the Manny-in-the-minors fiasco.

Why the low profile for the Man prior to last night?

McClatchy papers has a great piece on a group of Iraqis who love the game of baseball.