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Baseball's Back Applesauce - Ryan Church is back, Angel Berroa improvements on the Met brand, brave Pedro, Musial

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Yesterday was a SLOW baseball day. I usually wake up to 300 new items in the amazing Google Reader (my Applesauce ingredients), but there were only 150 stories this morning, most of them about Pedro who, if you haven't heard, is now a Phillie.

Meet the Mets

This Met fan attended five Met games in 18 days. The Mets scored a total of 0 runs. The odds of that happening are 1.42 out of a million.

Angel Berroa has been called up from Brooklyn to the Mets, replacing Argenis Reyes. I would get worked up, but once again, he's replacing Argenis Reyes.

We get to see Ryan Church again

Mets Police has some good suggestions to build brand loyalty.

Around the NL East

Pedro says that he was "too brave" when playing for the Mets. "Brave" is not exactly the word I was thinking of, although he did stand tall against those sprinklers.

Around MLB

Justin Morneau is ticked about the piped-in recording of Oh Canada a the All Star game

Here is the most important stat of the week.

Albert Pujols is this generation's Stan Musial. Joe Posnanski picks up on Musial's underrated legend status and politics at the All Star game.

Tyler Yates has had surgery and is out for the year.