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Grission Infinity: Mets 9, Pirates 8

This game was just grission to the max. Tim Redding was terrible as usual, but the Mets' offense was explosive, unlike usual. Francisco Rodriguez was awful, unlike usual. Fernando Tatis and Ryan Church were heroes, also unlike usual.

1.5 games back pending tonight's Phillies/Braves game. The Mets could head to Philadelphia Friday night just a game back of the Phillies (and the Marlins), though at worst they'll be two games behind.

Swag Contest

Swag contest results can be found here and the next game's swag form already available. You can read more about the swag contest here.

SB Nation Coverage

* Traditional Recap
* Boxscore
* Amazin' Avenue Gamethread
* Bucs Dugout Gamethread

Win Probability Added

Big winners: Ryan Church, +37.1, Fernando Tatis, +30.8% WPA
Big losers: Tim Redding, -28.8% WPA, Francisco Rodriguez, -19.4% WPA
Teh aw3s0mest play: Church RBI single in tenth, +34.7% WPA
Teh sux0rest play: LaRoche homerun in ninth, -45.2% WPA
Total pitcher WPA: -22.2% WPA
Total batter WPA: +72.2% WPA
GWRBI!: Ryan Church

Game Thread Roll Call

Nice job by guy endore-kaiser; his effort in the game thread embiggens us all.

Num Name # of Posts
1 guy endore-kaiser 82
2 Ballonthewall 79
3 Jadden Hopkins 79
4 Rigsay 61
5 Evan_S 56
6 AnthonyR 56
7 Michkin 44
8 JoshNY 38
9 TheBigStapler 30
10 wobatus 29