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Halladay Applesauce - Mets reject Blue Jay offer, Minaya and Manuel safe, 9 straight for Phillies, Manny and Mantle

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Just when you thought they were out, they pull you back in. Not really because of the play on the field, but because of uncofirmed Jon Heyman reports of a rejected Halladay trade. There's much to say about the merits and drawbacks of the rumored trade, but at the very least, it gives us more to talk about than whether the Mets can get anything for Livan Hernandez.

Meet the Mets

Roy Halladay! Jon Heyman reported last night that Omar Minaya rejected a trade for the Toronto right hander that would have sent Fernando Martinez, Jon Niese, Ruben Tejada, and Bobby Parnell out of Queens. Andrew Beaton makes the case that the contract isn't worth one year of, at best, second place baseball. Meanwhile, Matt Cerrone is distracted by the shiny new name.

Surrounding this news came the story that Jerry Manuel and Omar Minaya received the vote of confidence from the Wilpons. Shockingly, this signal does not mean that they will stay.

Fernando Nieve's thigh tear will cost him six weeks on the DL. Jonathan Niese is likely to start on Saturday in his place. Rob Neyer says it's about time. In the meantime, New York called up Cory Sullivan.

The Daily Stache has a disturbing prediction on the health of Carlos Beltran.

Wilmer Flores hit his third home run of the season last night.

Where have you gone, Nelson Doubleday? We need you.

There's even talk now of Livan Hernandez playing first base. Ugh. I love the blogosphere.

The New York Observer profiles the Mets' great broadcasting trio.

Mets Geek takes a look at the promising pitching prospect Kyle Allen.

34 years ago yesterday, Joe Torre hit into an MLB record four double plays.

For those of you in Manhattan, be sure to check out tonight's Amazin' Tuesday at Two Boots Tavern.

There is going to be a Voltron movie. No word on Carlos Beltran's availability to play the lead.

Around the NL East

The Nationals are now 0-5 under Jim Riggleman

Washington starting pitcher Scott Olsen will have surgery to repair a small tear in his left labrum.

Philadelphia won its 9th straight without Roy Halladay.

Ken Rosenthal argues that Philadelphia could easily move from Halladay to Cliff Lee, should their first choice fall through.

The Phillies might also be looking to solidify their bullpen; they are scouting Chad Qualls. Qualls would probably cost a quality starting pitching prospect.

Tommy Hanson struck out 11 Giants en route to an 11-3 Atlanta victory.

Following Florida's 3-2 victory over San Diego yesterday, the Marlins optioned (isn't that a really nice way of saying demoted?) Andrew Miller to Triple-A.

No clear signal yet telling us if the Marlins are buyers or sellers.

Around MLB

Sacrifice bunts are Communist.

Manny Ramirez passes Mantle and Jason Schmidt wins his comeback.

Tracy Ringolsby lists the five best fits for Roy Halladay. The Mets don't make the list because they are too stupid.

The Pirates beat the Brewers 8-5, ending a 17-game losing streak against Milwaukee.