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Yes, That Just Happened Applesauce - Mets drop series to Nats, more Bernazard, and Nuke LaLoosh

Yes, it has come to this. The Mets and their imploding management do their part to keep the 1962 record intact and appear to have the same mindset that will repeat another Scott Kazmir-Victor Zambrano debacle. Every game is like an incredibly slow moving train wreck only to be followed by a FEMA-quality rescue effort.

Meet the Mets

The main off-the-field story surrounding the Mets this morning involves the front office chaos and incompetence. The fallout from Tony Bernazard's outburst continues and the Mets assure us that an investigation is taking place. Mike Silva credits Bernazard for destroying the Met clubhouse dynamic. Where does this investigation lead the Mets? Does ownership use this an excuse to clean house and start from a clean slate? Not that it matters, but I would have to believe that the majority of fans are loudly hoping for this move. Especially when the GM makes absurdly wishful comments like this one. Well, at least one member of the organization hasn't given up.

Some more on Bernazard. The Seattle Mariners are extremely happy in their choice of GM, mainly for who they didn't choose. The New York Post is also reporting that Bernazard got into an altercation with Francisco Rodriguez earlier in the season

If you need to smile to forget about all this garbage, Metstradamus makes a Seinfeld episode out of the insanity. Jock Itch also has a sadly clever cartoon. wishes the Mets were more like the Red Sox. Who doesn't, really?

There is some good news, however. Omar will not get Julio Lugo, as the Cardinals traded Chris Duncan to Boston for the shortstop.

There is some good news as well in the much maligned farm system. Baseball America praises Ike Davis, Fangraphs notes Davis's isolated power numbers, Reese Havens hit his 9th home run

For a chuckle, check out the real Jeff Francoeur's blog post for Delta Airlines about his move to New York

Around the NL East

Even Federal Baseball feels kind of sorry for us. Without a doubt, the Nationals have a better lineup than the Mets right now. They probably even have better pitching. Even without Jordan Zimmermann.

Everyone else in the division is doing well too. The Braves continue to impress, this time handing Tim Lincecum his first defeat in five weeks. The Marlins swept the Padres. The Phillies just won 10 straight, but lost yesterday.

Around MLB

The Rays appear to be in the market for some serious starting pitching help. There are now rumors that they could be involved in a trade for either Cliff Lee or Roy Halladay. I might follow the path that Mets Geek took last year.

On Manny Ramirez bobblehead night, Manny Ramirez hits a pitch hit grand slam with a sore hand.

Bull Durham writer Ron Shelton remembers his inspiration for Nuke LaLoosh, Steve Dalkowski. Dalkowski once struck out 27 batters in a game, while walking 16 and throwing 283 pitches. 

The New York Times takes a look at the DNA testing controversy from the point of view of a Dominican player, following Miguel Sano.