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Perfect Game Applesauce - Ramon Castro catches perfection, Reyes coming back, Maine probably isn't, robot baseball players

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Add yet another story to the New York Met near perfect game/no hitter lore. I've come to accept it as a law of nature that the New York Mets will be shut out in this department. It's only frustrating if you allow yourself to think that something is actually possible.

Meet the Mets

Of course, the big news in MLB is Mark Buehrle's perfect game and Dewayne Wise's amazing 9th inning catch. So, let's try and find something Met related in the news. Well, that's easy. Buehrle was throwing to former Met Ramon Castro. To make you feel better, Castro is hitting .156 as a White Sock. We all know how many Met pitchers have thrown no-hitters/perfect games in other uniforms, but Metswalkoffs has compiled a list of Met catchers who have participated in these feats. Remember when there was talk about landing Buehrle?

Jose Reyes is drinking the Omar Minaya-we-can-still-compete Kool-Aid and insists on rushing back. John Maine, on the other hand, is visiting Dr. Andrews and might miss the rest of the year.

Toby Hyde gets some face time on SNY and talks about Brad Holt. Some pitching video as well there. Holt gave up 5 runs in 6 innings in last night's Binghamton victory over Connecticut. Metsmerized begs Omar to keep Holt.

Daniel Murphy means business worst OPS for a first baseman in a while.

Around the NL East

The Nats showed that they really are bad again, losing to the Cardinals 4-1 in a rain-shortened game.

The Giants knock off the sloppy Braves, 5-1

Brave pitcher Tim Hudson's progress took a step back after a bad rehab start.

Kelly Johnson has been recalled to Atlanta.

The Phillies got right back to their winning ways after having their 10 game winning streak snapped. 

Around MLB

Former MLB pitcher Jim Parque has a great steroid confession article in the Sun-Times. This is one of the best counters to the normal media sanctimony I've seen yet.

The Carlos Voltron story might not be too far from the truth

Brian Bannister for KC GM!

Beyond the Box Score takes a look at the Alou family dynasty.

Finally, Mad Dog Radio is looking for a sports talk radio host