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Series Win Applesauce - Reyes the power hitter, Mets gurus, Francoeur doesn't walk, Philly fans

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 Wow, a series win. It's been so long. I've missed that feeling. Plus, I got to see a young Met pitcher throw a great game. It's like I died and went to Heaven... Ok, that's probably overstating a relatively minor accomplishment, but I'll take what I can get at this point.

Meet the Mets

Mets Geek pines for some stability within the organization. Omar Minaya hasn't provided that?

Hot Foot is ready to give up on Fernando Martinez because power hitting outfielders are easy to come by. Why is that they're so easy to come by, but the Mets never seem to have one (besides Beltran, of course)?

The Mets have put Gary Sheffield on the disabled list to make room for Jonathan Niese. Rumor is that Sheffield is not injured, however.

Itsmetsforme took some pictures of his trip to Minute Maid Park.

Buster Olney says the Mets are victims to the guru culture. Who in their right minds, besides the Wilpons, considers Tony Bernazard a guru?

Billy Wagner is actually really important to the Mets, not necessarily as a reliever, but as free agent bait.

Tobi Stoner was solid last night, earning him the Baseball America Prospect Pitcher of the Day award. Ike Davis and Wilmer Flores are also getting noticed by BA.

Jeff Francoeur's job is to drive in runs, not walk.

Rickey says that Jose Reyes tried too hard at being a power hitter. Howard Johnson says his team is just not good enough.

Angel Pagan is on an 8 game hitting streak.

Around the NL East

Congratulations to Shane Victorino, inductee to the Hall of Hate. He does help to set the table.

The Phillies' pursuit of Roy Halladay continued over the weekend,with their latest offer getting rejected. Should Halladay fall through, there's always Cliff Lee.

Pedro Martinez pitched in a rehab game, but was cut short due to a rain delay. takes a look at the new Miami stadium.

Kelly Johnson is back.

Around the NL East

Congrats Rickey.

I couldn't stop smiling at this rendition of the National Anthem.

Maybe the curveball isn't so bad for young pitchers. Does this mean that they're going to stop throwing change-ups?

The LA Times talks with Vin Scully about the old days.

Hank Aaron gave a Hall of Fame endorsement to Pete Rose.

Philadelphia News

I'm resurrecting this old segment because this story is just too easy. At least the Philadelphia Daily News is critical of Philly fans.