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Adam Rubin Applesauce - Controversy over Met reporter, Minaya puts foot in mouth, Niese's cutter, Valentine done with Marines

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Is it just me or did Omar Minaya look like a whipped puppy dog in yesterday's two disastrous press conferences? Did Jeff Wilpon just tear him a new one? Even before the Adam Rubin questioning, Omar looked terrified, a major change from his usual cockiness. This is purely my amateur psychological opinion, I'm no Freud, but still. Anyone else think this way?

Meet the Mets

Tony Bernazard/Adam Rubin Fiasco

Guess what dominated the Met news yesterday?

The story was the subject of a great editorial from the SNY booth prior to yesterday's victory.

Adam Rubin responded in today's Daily News to Minaya's accusations.

Wallace Matthews says that the Mets killed Toto.

Ken Rosenthal picks up on the story, saying that Adam Rubin doesn't actually matter.

Mike Silva talked to a disgruntled Met farmhand who finally has his day.

NY Sports Dog, however, says that Adam Rubin is overreacting and needs to grow up.

Metsradamus gives his usually funny take.

Actual Baseball News

Oh yeah, they played baseball last night too.

Howard Megdal gives the odds on which Mets will actually play again this season.

Jon Niese has a new cutter that was on display on Saturday evening.

Around the NL East

The Phillies continue to rock and Moyer won his 10th.

There is some serious columnist fallout from yesterday's story of a fan getting killed after the game. One Philly columnist says that this happens everywhere. Another is much more realistic.

Brett Myers is planning to come back.

Fernando Tatis is not the onlyl one who can hit grand slams. Josh Willingham hit two in yesterday's 14-6 National win over the Brewers. Break up the Nats!

Around MLB

A computer glitch led to trade speculation around Red starter Bronson Arroyo. He will make his next scheduled start.

Cue the Hall of Fame speculation surrounding Pete Rose.

Bobby Valentine officially says that his time with the Chiba Lotte Marines has ended. Good timing Bobby. You want to be a GM too?