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Rained Out Mets Applesauce - Castillo's baby, pinch hitter Livan, LOOGY, Cliff Lee, Freddy Sanchez, Vin Scully

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So, the rainout leads to a day-night doubleheader today. I can live with that; double the baseball. 

Meet the Mets

Luis Castillo will miss at least this afternoon's game due to the birth of his child. Since this shortens the bench even further, Livan Hernandez will be a pinch hitter

Eddie Coleman has further context on the Omar Minaya/Adam Rubin dust-up. The Post's George Willis thinks that a big trade (Victor Martinez) is the only thing that will save Omar. Doesn't this seem like what got him into trouble to begin with? Filip Bondy concurs but substitutes Roy Halladay for Martinez.

A more modest, yet equally confusing, notion is that the Mets are interested in acquiring another left handed reliever. John Grabow possibly? I don't get it, not with Billy Wagner coming back.

John Maine's shoulder is still not improving, possibly threatening his career.

Someone in the Met organization has anger problems.

A fan is encouraging a Citi Field boycott on Sept. 8.

Around the NL East

So, what, the Phillies just got the reigning AL Cy Young winner. It's not like he's Roy Halladay or anything. And he can't really hit or help the Phillies score runs. Because that's a real issue with Philadelphia. 

Bobby Cox extended his record of being told to go home early. Brian McCann joined him. The Braves lost to the Marlins. That's 147 ejections for Cox.

The Marlin fans are starting to worry that their team won't make a move to compete with Philly

Hopefully the Met winning streak will last longer than the Nationals'.

Around MLB

Check out Delwyn Young's circus catch.

The Giants acquired Freddy Sanchez, further depleting their organizational pitching depth.

Good news, Vin Scully will work at least one more year.

Randy Johnson has a torn rotator cuff. Have we seen the last of the Big Unit?

The Yankees acquired former Rockies pitching prospect Jason Hirsh (a fly ball pitcher in Yankee Stadium).