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Rumor: Mets Talking 3-Way Deal With Cleveland And Tampa

From Mike Silva:

We are hearing dialogue about the Mets/Rays/ and Indians talking about a three way deal. In this scenario Victor Martinez would go to Tampa and not New York. As of now we do not know who the Mets would receive in this scenario.

Mike goes on to speculate that Scott Kazmir, the lost son, could return to the Mets. Given the rumors around the Rays to this point, that makes the most sense to me. DraysBay speculates on Carlos Pena being another possibility, which would mark the end of the Delgado-era for the Mets.  Pena is signed through 2010, to an affordable $10.125MM.

Metsblog claims the Mets are trying to make a deal with Cleveland that would avoid trading top prospects, in the mold of the J.J. Putz trade. That would fit the description here: a three-way trade in which the Mets throw a lot of lower-minor talent to get an injury-prone pitcher who was good two years ago.

As an editorial note: wouldn't it be ironic if the bad trade that Minaya made to save his job was getting Kazmir back?