And for something different... Another interview with my cousin Joey August (Savannah Sand Gnat)

Hey all,

It has been a while since I posted anything (but I have been lurking). I figure with the whole Bernazard-Omar-Rubin hate triangle thing melting into an unproductive Trade Deadline you guys might want something a little less heavy to read about. I am a bit late posting this interview, it is from a week or two ago but it is still time appropriate.

Over the last three games, Joey has turned it on a bit going 6 for 10 with 6 runs scored,and his first professional Home Run.

If any of you have questions you would like answered... send them to me (my email address is in my profile) so I can get them to Joe and next time it will be an interview made up entirely of your questions.

Go Mets!

Me: Your time in Brooklyn was short. What did you learn while you were there?

Joe: My time there was definitely short but was a lot of fun and was a learning experience for sure. I think the main thing was just getting accustomed to the pro ball life style and just starting to make the transition from metal bats to wood bats. The guys on the team there have been in the system a little while and they helped me a lot with just dealing with our day to day routine.

Me: How did you learn of your move to Savannah? What preceded the move? Did you have any idea that it was coming?

Joe: My move to Savannah happened pretty fast. We got back from a game in Brooklyn at about 10 30 and our manager called me around midnight and told me the news. My van to the airport left at 6 that next morning... so in less than 12 hours I was in a new state and on a new team. It was pretty unexpected, but that comes with the job and it was exciting for sure.

Me: Now that you have been a Sand Gnat for a while, what are the biggest differences between Brooklyn and Savannah? How is the team preparation different?

Joe: I think the biggest difference between here and Brooklyn in the lifestyle. Brooklyn was very fast paced while Savannah has a southern feel to it and it a lot more laid back. The baseball is similar, intense and a lot of fun. It is a little different being on a team who is already half way through their season, but the guys here are awesome and are helping me make the adjustment.

Me: You played with Sean Ratliff in college, what is it like to be on the same team again?

Joe: It's awesome to be playing with Sean again. We were roommates in college and were good friends and to have him here has been really helpful. He knows me well as a player and can help me with my swing just because he knows me better than other guys here. I feel like I can do the same for him and having a familiar face around has helped make the adjustment a lot easier. It also has been a lot of fun getting to know guys I played against in college... Josh Satin and Evan Leblanc are guys I played against for three years and to have them as teammates has been a lot of fun.

Me: Speaking of college, what is the biggest difference between college and pro ball? How has the adjustment been from metal to wood bats?

Joe: I think the biggest adjustment thus far is the switch from the metal bat to wood. It's not that you have to completely change everything about your swing, but there definitely are adjustments to make. I think hitters can get away with a lot more in college with the metal bat. You can be a little inconsistent with your stroke and still be ok, in pro ball it's much harder to be successful that way. You have to find a way to get the barrel into the zone and keep it in the zone as long as you can and you need to do this as consistently as possible. The more consistent you are with your own swing and your own approach, the more success you'll have. You have to know what your strengths are and stay offensive in the box.

Me: Thanks Joe!

Joe: Anytime.

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