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My Favorite At Bat Of The Season

Situation: Bottom of the 6th, 2-1 Diamondbacks, 0 outs, bases empty, David Wright vs. Doug Davis



(Click to embiggen)

Pitch 1: Up and away, nowhere near the strike zone.  1-0 count.

Pitch 2: Borderline pitch called a ball that is probably a strike.  2-0 count.

Pitch 3: Meatball, right down the middle.  David takes a nice hack and hits a foul ball.  2-1 count.

Pitch 4: Outside the strike zone.  3-1 count.

Pitch 5: High but in the the strike zone.  Not in David's wheelhouse.  3-2 count.

Pitch 6: Low and inside pitch in the strike zone.  Swing, bomb home run, tie ballgame.

This was beautiful.  David worked the count, didn't swing at anything out of the strike zone, and when given pitches to hit he took healthy cuts.  I enjoy good pitching, defense, and baserunning when watching baseball.  Even a well executed bunt, in the right situation of course, is pleasant to watch.  However, nothing is better then seeing a batter lay off bad offerings and then knock the stuffing out of a pitch located right where he wants it.