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A Tour Around SB Nation

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SB Nation boasts some of the best baseball blogs around. Each team has one, and there are blogs devoted to sabermetrics, minor leagues, fantasy baseball, scouting, and transaction rumors. Since it's a slow day in Mets-land, here's a quick look at recent posts from around SB Nation that ended up on the Applesauce cutting room floor:

NL East

  • Braves - Talking Chop: Javier Vazquez and Jair Jurrjens were good enough to make the All-Star Team, but their chances were unfairly hurt by their poor W-L records.
  • Marlins - FishStripes: The title says it all - "Will Luis Ayala Solve The Bullpen Problems? (hint: um, no)"
  • Nationals - Federal Baseball: FB interviewed first time All-Star Ryan Zimmerman.
  • Phillies - The Good Phight: USA Today Baseball Weekly profiled TGP for its "Bloggin' Baseball" feature. It's on newstands through tomorrow.

NL Central

  • Astros - Crawfish Boxes: Vote for your favorite Astros uniform in history.
  • Brewers - Brew Crew Ball: Brewers pictures of the week.
  • Cardinals - Viva El Birdos: What's going on with Ryan Ludwick?
  • Cubs - Bleed Cubbie Blue: This FanPost has 58 recs. See if it reminds you of someone else.
  • Pirates - Bucs Dugout: Garrett Jones, who homered off Pedro Feliciano last week, is not as good as it seems.
  • Reds - Red Reporter: A recent game recap, noteworthy for the Dusty Baker photo caption.

NL West

  • Diamondbacks - AZ Snakepit: Mark Reynolds, Justin Upton and Dan Haren are projected to finish the season with some awesome numbers.
  • Dodgers - True Blue LA: Manny Ramirez = Ricky Vaughn.
  • Giants - McCovey Chronicles: MC is justifiably obsessed with Pablo Sandoval.
  • Padres - Gaslamp Ball: With the trade of Scott Hairston to the A's, the Padres have officially given up on the season. I liked this from the post: "I understand the Padres have absolutely no chance of doing anything this year, hell everybody knows that except Heath Bell."
  • Rockies - Purple Row: An incomplete list of Rockies entrance music. We should compile this for the Mets.

AL East

  • Blue Jays - Bluebird Banter: Handicapping the AL Rookie of the Year race.
  • Orioles - Camden Chat: Nothing worse than when the Red Sox, and their fans, come to town.
  • Rays - DraysBay: The worst at-bat of the season, courtesy of Dioner Navarro.
  • Red Sox - Over The Monster: This FanPost was rec'd a bunch of times, but I don't really understand it.
  • Yankees - Pinstripe Alley: The Francisco Cervelli Facts, similar to the Lastings Milledge, Cole Hamels, and Matt Wieters Facts.

AL Central

  • Indians - Let's Go Tribe!: Link is to the front page - LGT has changed its tagline to "CHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO" in honor of Shin-Soo Choo.
  • Royals - Royals Review: Analysis of every team's actual record and expected record using WAR.
  • Tigers - Bless You Boys: Magglio Ordonez is having a rough go at it this season. Could he be the next Sheffield?
  • Twins - Twinkie Town: Who should play 2nd base for the Twins?
  • White Sox - South Side Sox: The White Sox were quiet on international signing day and that's a good thing.

AL West

  • Angels - Halos Heaven: The daily "A Day At The Park" comic celebrates being in 1st place on the 4th of July.
  • Athletics - Athletics Nation: A look back at the World Series Champion 1989 A's, featuring a collection of newspaper clippings from that year.
  • Mariners - Lookout Landing: We aren't the only ones annoyed by our team's manager.
  • Rangers - Lone Star Ball: Rob Neyer, R.J. Anderson, and Rangers writer Evan Grant gave their two cents this week on Kevin Millwood, with Grant's opinion dissenting. LSB recaps it here - interesting stuff if you're in a meta mood.


  • Sabermetrics - Beyond The Boxscore: Comparing the UZR's for the 2008 NL playoff teams.
  • Minor Leagues - Minor League Ball: John Sickels profiles Brian Bannister in his ongoing "Prospect Retro" series.
  • Fantasy Baseball - Fake Teams: Should the D-Backs trade Dan Haren? Yes, they should - to the Mets for Daniel Murphy, straight-up.
  • Scouting - Driveline Mechanics: The Vernon Wells contract was never a good idea for the Blue Jays.
  • Transaction Rumors - MLB Daily Dish: It doesn't seem like Derek Jeter is very open to playing any position except shortstop.